The Archive is a long-term coliving house near Dolores Park in San Francisco.

We value curiosity, reliability, intentionality, and benevolence; we believe that a community that cares for and empowers each other is key to a fulfilling and impactful life.

The Archive is growing! If you’d like to live with us, shoot us a message.

Image of the living room at The Archive


Arram Sabeti founded ZeroCater, a business he grew from his living room to over 150 people which has now sold over a quarter billion dollars in meals and has been covered by publications such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Forbes. Tenacious, considerate, and with more utility belts than Batman, he spends his free time building robots and doing mad science. Homepage.

Ben Mann has worked on Waze Carpool at Google, AI research at MIRI and OpenAI, and was a tech lead at Google’s Area 120. Ben's hobbies include meditation, writing, experimentally determining the best brand of chocolate, and masochistically entering ketosis every week for months as an exercise in willpower. Calm and empathetic, Ben’s presence is a soothing influence on our house. Homepage.

Christina Kim, prior to her current work at Sourceress, conducted HCI research at Delta Lab, was student body vice president at Northwestern, and hosted their first hackathon. Before that, she built a working wood pipe organ and opened a bakery in South Africa with her limited background in Easy-Bake Ovens. A loyal friend, a voracious speed reader, and an unabashed instigator; be aware that you're not going to have a relaxing day if Tina suggests that you "chill". Blog, GitHub, Twitter.

Devon Zuegel is a writer (of code and words), and the thing she cares most about is unlocking human potential. In this vein, she thinks a lot about incentive design, tools for thought, and cities. These days, she is building lending protocols on the blockchain at Bloom, producing a yet-unannounced interview series with computing pioneers, and blustering on and on writing about land use policy on her (excellent) blog. Before that, she was Editor in Chief at the Stanford Review and a triathlete. Blog, Twitter.

Feross Aboukhadijeh writes open source software packages that are collectively downloaded 200 million times per month. He founded PeerCDN (acquired by Yahoo), Study Notes (reaches 800K+ students per month), and once garnered worldwide media attention for a clever hack (YouTube Instant). Feross loves to build things that make people say "Whoa, I didn't know that was possible!". He once ran an impromptu JavaScript conference in the nothern-most human settlement on Earth, Svalbard. Blog, GitHub, Twitter.

Gillian Morris is the founder and CEO of Hitlist, an app that alerts you when there are cheap flights for your dream trips. Before entering the start-up world, Gillian worked as a consultant, journalist, and educator in Turkey, China, Afghanistan, and Syria. Her work has appeared in/on the New York Times, Harvard Business Review, Buzzfeed, and others. Between flights, Gillian is fighting to regain her six pack thanks to the Archive's sweet home gym and sweat lodge setup. Blog, Twitter, Facebook.

Jason Benn is passionate about better preparing us for the coming unemployment crisis. He previously built a digital classroom at the Minerva Project (a university startup), and is now tackling the problem from another angle by building the machine learning systems at Sourceress. He’s been profiled in Cal Newport's "Deep Work" for his habit of interleaving work with periods of intense study. Enthusiastic, inclusive, a tad gullible, half-giant, and Keeper of Keys and Grounds at the Archive, Jason is basically Hagrid. Homepage, Facebook.

Josh Albrecht has cofounded Sourceress (AI powered recruiting for mission driven companies), Ember Hardware (futuristic laser-based VR display), CloudFab (automated 3D printing and injection molding pricing), BitBlinder (web anonymity network), and worked at Addepar. Josh has signed the Founder’s Pledge, has two black belts, and is Arram's definition of conscientiousness (despite miscounting the number of classes required to graduate as a CS and math major). Homepage.

Kanjun Qiu is the CEO of Sourceress and previously cofounded Ember with Josh. Before that, she was the Chief of Staff, PM and engineer at Dropbox. In a past life, she wrote a book that about sewing and circuitry that's now taught in 60 Boston middle schools, arbitraged yarn from her dorm room, and designed high-frequency trading strategies. She’s diplomatic, has a talent for asking incisive questions, and her laugh can be heard from multiple zip codes.

Michael Lai is an Entrepreneur-in-Residence working on improving childcare, is building an innovation studio for early childhood development focusing on low-income populations, and has five years of experience volunteering at local schools. Before that he was the youngest director at the Minerva Project, worked on education initiatives at, competed on Harvard's Varsity Golf team, and organized hip-hop flash mobs. If he's not working or dancing, he's probably reading. Homepage.

Tom Brown is an exceptionally tall AI researcher (OpenAI, Google Brain) trying to save the world by breaking AI systems (and make them less breaky in general). Before becoming a very serious person, Tom was the cofounder of Grouper, where he served over a million drinks to partiers in bars around the world. In his free time, Tom enjoys acroyoga, VR sculpting and plumbing the depths of the internet for flowing space pants. Blog, GitHub, Twitter.

Image of the The Archive residents laughing